Erasmus + KA131 Charter 2021 2027

Mar, 29/01/2019

Erasmus Policy Statement (overall strategy) and Erasmus Charter 2021 2027

Firstly, our institution, Carmen Burgos de Seguí, is a high school located in Alovera. It is very near the city of Guadalajara (Spain).

All the staff believe that higher education is a great opportunity to develop a proper professional future. We also consider that our students should improve their level at foreign languages.

In regard to the partners selection to carry out the training programs abroad, it will be made by the Erasmus Coordinator. This person will communicate with educational institutions and companies in order to select those who could develop properly the tasks established in the training program. We also seek firms who can deal with new technologies.

Taking into account the fact that English is the second languange taught at our institution, we will focus on EU countries where people can speak English, for instance: Ireland, Finland, Sweden and so on.

As far as the objetives are concerned,  we pay attention to six priority areas:

1. Improving our students linguistic competence in English.

Our students have already achieved a basic knowledge of the language, specially that related to reading and writing but they should practice harder the rest of the communication skills. We really consider that learning a language in a real communicative context is undoubtedly more effective.

2. Developing personal iniciative and individual competence.

Probably, most Erasmus students will travel abroad in the first time on their own, so this chance provides them with a very useful and educational experience.

3. Developing information technology competences in a real productive context.

Our students have attained great skills in areas related to computers and communication and they need suitable training to consolidate what they have learnt.

4. Increasing their feeling and European identity, based on common values and principles.

The mobility programs let our students interact with citizens from other countries to achieve a closer and more open Europe enrichened by its cultural diversity.

5. Easing mobility for  the student as a future worker in the EU.

The training programs carried out abroad improves the development of a professional career in and out the country of origin.

6. Strengthening quality through mobility and cross-border collaboration.

We believe that we improve and grow stronger by listening to, and learning from, others. Working with our partners in participating and non-participating countries, we will expand our knowledge and experience of other education systems and qualifications to facilitate admission, progression, recognition, exchange and co-operation in programme development.

The training programs abroad are destinated to students enrolled in second year of our study cycles: “Marketing and Advertising” and “Digital Pre-printing”. The firts one is an Upper Grade Vocational Training Cycle and the second one is an Intermediate Grade Vocational Training Cycle. These students will develop their training abroad as a part of the cycle, concretely this training is called the Training in Working Centers Module. Therefore, this training will be suitable recongnized  in their academic record.

Finally, our institution guarantees non-discrimination of any kind. Our high school is respectful and open to all cultures and races. Likewise, we are committed to equal opportunities policy for students with disabilities.


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